mountainboard WMC 2023stage 2 - super besse17-18 july 2023

competition presentation

stage 1 : Compiegne / Venette

The Mountainboard World Championships in France will be held over one week, with two main stages of competition. The first stage will take place in Compiègne, Venette (60) from 13 to 15 July 2023. Participants will compete in Boardercross and Freestyle events in several categories, namely U18, Girl, Open and Master.

Boardercross is a racing event where competitors must race down a track with obstacles and turns, using mountain boards. The participants start in groups of four and the first two qualify for the next round. The winners of the semi-finals then compete in a grand final to determine the winner. Freestyle is an acrobatic event, where competitors must perform jumps, spins and slides on ramps and modules. Participants are judged on their technique, style and creativity, and the best ones qualify for the final.

stage 2 : Super Besse

The second stage of the Mountainboard World Championships will take place in Super Besse (63) from 17 to 18 July 2023. This event is a free run, also known as Freeride. Competitors must ride down a long, technical slope using mountainboards. Participants are judged on their speed, technique and control.

There will be marked Fan Zones along the competition route for safe viewing of the downhill race. An event stand will be present to meet the riders, chat with the organisers and take home a souvenir of this extraordinary event. The event volunteers, recognizable by their green or yellow t-shirts, will be there to inform and guide you on the different activities.

The Downhill World Champion and all categories prizes will be awarded on the evening of July 18th, at 10pm on the terrace of the tourism hall of the Super Besse resort.


Dear spectators, to accompany you throughout these intense days of competition, the organisers have decided to set up several activities so that you too can become a real mountainboarder! The programme includes an introduction to the practice of mountainboarding, accessible to all ages. But also a freestyle animation so that professionals can show you the artistic side of this breathtaking sport! You can find the timetable of the animations on the 2 days in the program of the competition below.


The competition promises to be exceptional with the presence of the talented DJ PAATCH on the decks throughout the event. His unique style draws its strength from the Drum’N’Bass, with sounds oscillating between Reggae Jungle and Neurofunk, for a rich, eventful mix, and a touch of madness with a pinch of scratch to raise the whole. Originally from Auvergne, he is one of the most active actors of the electronic culture in the region, DJ of the group Ashéo and member of Horizon Scratch 63. Through the collective Alamaiz Music, he promotes his projects and contributes to the development of Bass Music and Hip-Hop. His presence during this competition promises to be a real treat for the ears, so get ready to support our riders on the catchy rhythms of DJ PAATCH !


Day 1 - 17 july 2023

1.30 pm – 7 pm : Qualification phase on the Hermines track

2pm – 7pm : Freestyle animations, MountainBoard initiation and Event Stand

7.30 pm : Meeting between the public and the competitors

Day 2 - 18 july 2023

10am – 7pm : Championship final on the René Chilbert track followed by the Hermines track

10am – 12pm : Freestyle animations, MountainBoard initiation and Event Stand

2pm – 7pm : Freestyle animations, MountainBoard initiation and Event Stand

22h : Prize giving

22h – 2h : Closing party and concert by the group Riparia