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Report of the 2023 edition

On the 17th and 18th of July, the World Mountainboard Downhill Championships took place in Super-Besse, Auvergne, concluding a week of Mountainboarding in France. Indeed, from July 13th to 16th, the Freestyle and Boardercross events were held in Venette, Oise.

The Downhill competition thus was set in the Auvergne resort of Super-Besse. With nearly 10 nationalities present – United States, Italy, England, Slovenia, Poland, Norway, Germany, Brazil, Romania, France – riders from around the world were in attendance. Riders challenged the stopwatch on the vertiginous slopes of Sancy for two days.

The Super-Besse Resort went to great lengths to host this international extreme sports competition. Providing ski lifts, ski slopes, an entertainment hall, as well as access to the baseterrain for freestyle displays, initiation sessions, and DJ sets.

stage 1 compiègne13-15 july 2023

stage 2 super besse17-18 july 2023


The weather cooperated, and the first riders arrived under the sun. Registration immediately set the tone, with the volunteers’ smiles, expansive tracks, and welcome gifts from our partners: SancyBackcountry, Verdad Snowboard, PowerKiter, Californie Française, La Banne!

Our first gathering was at 12:00 for the rider meeting, explaining race rules, safety guidelines, and, of course, providing encouragement.
Riders, supporters, and volunteers shared their first meal of a series of three splendid culinary creations: Cheese salads from the Vosges and Auvergne regions, a royal paella, and a Saint Nectaire cheeseburger. A culinary excellence prepared by Nicolas Beau and Alexandre Perrin that received unanimous praise from all competitors.


Riders were shot straight into the deep end! They assessed the competition’s magnitude while gliding over the track comfortably seated on ski lifts. Smiles were present, but the track intrigued and fascinated. Fast, steep. It had been a long time since there had been an international Downhill competition. However, the beauty of the landscape, the quality of the track, and the carving and speed quickly dispelled the initial apprehensions.


And off they went down the slope!! Initially, they explored, weighed, evaluated. Bindings, tires, trucks – the riders fine-tuned their equipment and found their best lines. The times ticked away and improved with each run. Those who initially doubted their ability to descend the slope went faster and quickly ascended for their next run.

A Downhill like this is very different from a Boardercross or a Freestyle line: it engages all muscles. It’s also a test of endurance, demanding strong physical commitment. But the pleasure is there, the sensations are on point. We witnessed a remarkable sports competition on this first day.


In the evening, everyone gathered around the table. Bodies had endured, but determination was still present. The finals would be even more challenging. During the evening meal, the organizers discussed this with the competitors. Higher starts, longer tracks, rougher terrain – the challenges would be numerous, and risks needed to be managed at such a high level of competition. The riders were enthusiastic, motivated. It was their competition, and they felt physically and mentally prepared to face the final track.

A final drink at the bar run by Lulu and Nadine, serving locally brewed beer from Murat le Quaire’s LA BANNE brewery. A shot of courage, and everyone was ready for rest.

This wasn’t just a World Championship. It was truly a grand Mountainboarding celebration for all the visitors and tourists at the Super-Besse Resort. Everyone had the chance to try Mountainboarding safely. The Loire Atlantique Mountainboard Association was busy, with over 200 new riders giving mountainboarding a try each day. Both young and old tasted the extreme sensations of this sport. Laughter, enthusiasm, and emotions were visible on all faces.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for you, you could admire the world’s best freestylers in a breathtaking demonstration. Rodeos, double backflips, cork 720s, supermen. It was all there at dizzying heights. An enthralled audience, a stunning spectacle. You might ask, “Is something missing?” Well, no!! The bottom of the hill terrain and the animations were electrified by DJ sets featuring Reggae, Jungle, and Neurofunk music by PAATCHA.


Early morning, 7:00 AM. The sun filtered through a few thick clouds. A beautiful day, not too warm, was announced. The top competitors were already warming up, analyzing the track, focusing.

This final was shaping up to be one of the most intense races in a long time. We headed up to the start and changed ski lifts.

“It feels like leaping into the void at the end of the world.” It was an epic, heroic race, evident in the dropping times. All competitors gave it a shot. Whether at the top of the rankings or towards the end, each descent was a test of concentration, endurance, and strength. In the afternoon, the competition reached an incredible level. The top three competitors exuded electrifying and genuine camaraderie.

They encouraged each other, exchanged advice for the best run. Speeds approached 67 km/h, and the times dropped below two minutes. It was madness. The competition concluded amidst the applause of a numerous audience that recognized the remarkable sporting performance. The riders confronted the mountain, pushing their limits beyond what they could have imagined. Everyone congratulated each other, showcasing the camaraderie that characterizes this extreme sport.

In an electrified atmosphere, amidst joyful cheers, the prize-giving ceremony took place. In front of the concert stage, the podium. And on the stage, the band RIPARIA provided competitors with a true rock star experience!!


n the PRO category, the podium was a dream. Downhill legend PETE TATHAM emerged victorious, his experience and the technology of his board (with brakes) made the difference.

So, PETE took the first place in his last participation in a world championship. The astonishing DOMINIK KAMINSKI secured the second place with a riding style closely resembling snowboarding. He provided an impressive lesson in technique and control (without brakes). In a powerful style, DAVID RZACA claimed the third place with a committed and aggressive ride. His impressive fall on his last run was fortunately not too serious… phew. At the foot of the podium, we find MATT BRIND, the most decorated competitor who gave his all.

Notably, PIERRE-YVES COMTE, a 36-year-old French rider, finished 11th among the PROs. The top French rider, an impressive performance. OPEN (amateur) ANDY BRIND secured the top spot with a very fluid style. Close behind was GEORGE POLLARD, enthusiastic from start to finish. In the third place, “COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO,” a Frenchman, FLORIAN LANTELME, emerged from the podium with a very aerial run.

OPEN (Amateur)

OPEN (amateur) ANDY BRIND secured the top spot with a very fluid style. Close behind was GEORGE POLLARD, enthusiastic from start to finish. In the third place, “COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO,” a Frenchman, FLORIAN LANTELME, emerged from the podium with a very aerial run.


MASTER (+35 years)

MARK BISHOP impresses with an improvised and impactful ride. More than enough to secure the first place. In second position, TILEN JAVORNIK, a specialist in the discipline, despite some fatigue, showcases his downhill talent. On the third step, we are pleased to find MACIEJ KOGUT with his incomparable and powerful style.

JUNIOR (-18 years)

It’s the French rider, NOE FAVREAU, who emerges victorious in his first international competition. Starting out in Mountainboarding, he will be one of the champions in the years to come.


French rider MARGAUX ROLLAND, after an impressively physically demanding performance on a challenging track, claims the first place. Her riding partners, SONIA NICOLAU and EMMANUELLE KEDARDRA, both injured, accompany her on the podium.

Finally, we salute the extraordinary performance of two great champions, PABLO CIPRIANO, 8 years younger than the competition’s youngest rider, and STEVE BIRKBECK, a 58-year-old rider with experience. A valuable lesson, demonstrating the accessibility of the discipline across all ages.


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a hugethank you !

Super-Besse resort and the organizers would like to thank partners and sponsors. Their contribution at all levels was indispensable to the success of these World Championships. Trophies, goodies, catering, accommodation, concerts, beers, visuals, graphic designers, designers, photographers, and videographers all added to the splendor of this international event.

Finally, none of this would have been possible without the extraordinary efforts of our 30 volunteers.

Thank you to them, thank you to you, and see you very soon.

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